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Skippers' Cove Beach Club

General Information

Skippers’ Cove Beach Club (SCBC) Marina is located at 148 Hornblower Drive, Waretown, New Jersey. The Marina has 19 boat slips rented on a seasonal basis. The Marina Season is April 15th through December 5th.

The marina refurbishment project was completed in 2018. This included a new bulkhead along the west side and new docks.
There are a total of 19 slips available for rental - 7 large and 12 small.

Features & Rules of the Marina:
* Fresh water connections and electric outlets are provided
* Boat owners must supply their own hoses and dock lines
* Trash and recycling bins are available for slip patrons only
* Keeping the dock and parking areas free of litter is the responsibility of the boat owners
* No fish cleaning is permitted in the Marina

Slip Rental

Slips are assigned to Members of SCBC in accordance with the by-laws and based on the “Priority Procedure” printed on the back of the Marina Contract. Non-Lagoon members are given top priority in assigning slips. Slips are assigned by the Marina Director after the deadline for contract submission. All members of SCBC in good standing are eligible to request a slip by contacting the Marina Director in writing or by email.

1st Priority
Skippers’Cove Beach Club members who do not live in a home on a lagoon.  This    includes all non-waterfront homes and all Bay-front homes.

2nd Priority
Skippers’ Cove Beach Club members who live in a home on a lagoon. Includes all waterfront homes.

3rd Priority   
Non-Skippers’ Cove Beach Club members. Includes everyone not living in
Skipper’s Cove.

Contracts for slips for the 2024 Season will be sent out in January.

The marina officially opens April 15th, 2024 and closes for the season December 5th, 2024.

2024 fees:
SCBC Member:
Large Slip   $925.00 
Small Slip $900 .00

Non-SCBC Member:

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