In existence for +55 Years

The Skipperettes are one of three affiliate organizations of the Skippers' Cove Beach Club, Inc. and have operated continuously for over 55 years.

The Skipperettes are a social club but also work on several important charitable projects every year including a college scholarship program for Southern Regional High School seniors residing in Waretown and an annual Christmas community outreach to help those less fortunate. To help defray the costs of these programs, fundraising events are conducted during the year with members of the Skippers' Cove community as well as residents of Waretown invited to participate.

The Club maintains its own Board of Directors and a calendar of meetings and special events. Being a member is a great way to meet friends and become part of the Skippers' Cove community.

The meetings are held the second Tuesday of January, March, April, May, June, September, October and November. The annual Christmas luncheon is scheduled for December and is held at a local restaurant. Events or programs may also be scheduled for the months of February, July and August.

Contact Pat Cicenia at 908-601-7949 or with any questions and information about how to join the Skipperettes.

Membership Requirements:

Membership is open to ALL women residing in Skippers’ Cove. Dues are $20 per year payable in January or upon joining.


President:              Pat Cicenia
Vice President:     TBD
Secretary:              Carol Eid
Treasurer:             Beverly Beihl