Committees as appointed by the BOD

Alternate dispute resolution

This is a committee selected by the president and is mandated by the NJ State Department of Community Affairs. The SCBC, Inc first formed our ADR in the year 2000.
This committee shall meet to hear and review all disputes between the Board of Directors and the Membership as they relate to NJ State Law and the Day to Day Operation of the Skippers' Cove Beach Club, Inc for compliance with the Department of Community Affairs. This also includes compliance disputes as they relate to the By-Laws. This committee does not hear, and has no jurisdiction over, disputes between neighbors and/or disputes that are personal in nature.
Personal desires such as Dredging Issues, Wanting By-Laws Changes, Dues Payments and/or Penalties, Budget Development, ABC Compliance, Deed Restrictions, Rentals and Marina Issues are not under the
jurisdiction of the ADR. However, certain issues can be addressed by the Board of Directors if they are in accordance with the By-Laws.

Committee Members for 2024:
* Roger Ackermann
* Pat Pelletier
* Mary Mirabello (alternate)


This committee consisting of at least three (3) members of whom are appointed by the President at the January meeting, shall audit the finances, books and records of the Club and report thereon to the membership at the April meeting.

Committee Members for 2024:
*Mary Mirabello - Chairperson
* Phil Del Turco
* Jeanne Potter