The current version of the SCBC By-Laws was last modified and approved by formal vote by the membership on April 30, 2011.

Attached are the PROPOSED updates to the current By-Laws including the changes and modifications that came out of the reading/review at the General Meeting on November 17, 2018. By clicking on the DOWNLOAD BUTTON below, you can view these proposed changes. You will note that this document has been formated to show, by each section, the existing version of the By-laws (2011 version) followed by the proposed new language. If there is no change to a given section, it will be indicated as such. The CURRENT and REVISED language is follow by a brief description of the rational for the proposed change.
It is important that you carefully review this document and all the proposed changes.

These proposed changes will also be read aloud at the upcoming General Meeting in January 2019. Following the January meeting, if no additional changes are needed, a ballot will be mailed to every household in good standing for approval by the membership.

These Proposed By-Laws are being presented to the membership via this website and will also be mailed (via email or hard copy to those that do not have email) to each household seperately. 

Our thanks to the By-Laws committee for all their hard  work in drafting these changes.  The committee was consisted Rita Sweeney (Committee Chair); Ed Gallagher; and Pat Eppilito. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Mary Mirabello at 732-614-8955